Life-Threatening Issue Uncovered During Routine Home Inspection in Columbus

This furnace failed its carbon monoxide test. Unsafe levels were found in the house air which indicated a crack or hole in the heat exchanger.

The black deposits shown in the photo below are carbon. When you see carbon deposits on a furnace it is almost a sure sign that carbon monoxide is a problem.


Many home inspectors do not incorporate carbon monoxide testing into their inspections. This is an item that goes beyond the ASHI Standards but is important for safety. The recommendation was to replace this 25 year old furnace.

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A Hot Water Boiler Few Home Inspectors Understand


Here is a photo of a 50+ year cast iron old hot water boiler with the face plate removed. Occaisionally you’ll see a unit like this in a home. Few home inspectors in this area understand hot water heat. Although boilers like this can have 50 year life spans, they often lack proper controls and maintenance.

A major drawback is that central air conditioning cannot be installed without a seperate air handler and ductwork which is a huge expense.

Ultimately these factors should be reflected in the value of the home. Central air conditioning is almost a given in 2007 where it didn’t exist in 1955.

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Flat Roofing Commercial Inspection in Columbus


This is a flat ballasted EPDM roof. It is a rubber membrane held down with small rocks used primarily in commercial applications.

The roofing itself is not fastened mechanically like other rubber membranes. Because of the ballast evaluation of the membrane itself is very difficult. Leaks are almost always present somewhere on flat roofing and it takes a keen eye to find where problems may be present.

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